Weekend Wrap Up: Nordstrom Rack Edition

Every Friday, I run with a group around Hillsboro Village and then eat at Pancake Pantry. This Friday, we did an impromptu Birchbox swap and this is my haul. It's all moisturizer and nail polish. Shocking. Thanks for the loot, Melanie!

Nashville has long lost out on the shopping game to neighboring cities like Atlanta. But no more! We have a Madewell AND a Nordstrom Rack. We're just a Crate & Barrel away from being a real, live city!

I met Jenn at Nordstrom Rack on Saturday to see what all the fuss is about. I liked it! I don't have a job, so I couldn't buy anything, but I

would have

bought lots of things. Of particular interest were the shoes and athletic apparel. Sigh.

On Sunday morning, I met my lady gang for a brisk 8-mile run. I'm having this disconnect between thinking I'm not ready to run 8 miles and reminding myself that I ran a half marathon 3 weeks ago. Thanks, brain. Post-run, we treated ourselves (treat yo' self!) to breakfast biscuits at Dose. Friends who biscuit together, stay together.

After my run, John and I put on real clothes and went to celebrate the recent union of our friends Courtney and Brian. Courtney is my friend Katie's (above) little sister and Brian you may know as the photographer at our Halloween parties. I've known Courtney a long time and am so, so happy for her and Brian. I also have a deep well of love for the Krampf family in general. Hash tag: KrampfBecomesRisse.

To know Courtney is to know her love of tattoos, so in her honor, I wore one of my Tattlys from the Rifle Paper Co.

Floral Set

. Afterwards, back in my Halloween pajamas (DUH), John and I settled in for more

Twin Peaks

. Unfortunately, the mimosas I had at the reception won and I immediately fell asleep. But look at that awesome Tattly!

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