Weekend Wrap Up: Hey Girl Fitness Pal Edition

I never drink anymore, so after 1.5 beers at my friend's going away party on Friday night, I was craft-beer-drunk and convinced that I made up the best MyFitnessPal deviation yet:  Hey Girl Fitness Pal.

It all started when I couldn't quit eating the chocolate cake at the party. I made a quip about not logging that into MyFitnessPal and then I said I wish MFP had a 'Hey Girl' function, like 'Hey girl, it's okay you ate all that cake. Didn't you run 2.8 miles this morning?' I thought it was the funniest thing I've ever said.

My friend Chatty is moving to Belgium. We gathered at Fat Bottom Brewery on Friday night to say our goodbyes. This pictures is terrible, but it's Lana, Mary Katherine, Chatty, me and Marne. I'm smiling because I'm high on chocolate cake and my own sense of humor.

Sanctuary Yoga celebrated their 10-year anniversary on Saturday with free classes, so I jumped on that.

Hey girl, that chocolate cake isn't going to work itself off.

After a great 90-minute class, I drove to Performance Studios for Halloween miscellanea. Behold, the wall of animal masks, the scariest part of Performance.

After a few more errands, I was STARVING, so I called my friend Carolyn and we met for pizza at The Farmers' Market. This is the margherita pizza at Bella Nashville. I like to add a farm egg and chili oil. It's kind of my favorite thing to eat in Nashville.

My homegirl Freya had a show on Saturday night via Music City Burlesque. It was their big BOO-lesque Halloween show. Initially, a group of us were going, but it sold out before everyone bought their ticket, so Lana and I went and had a blast. We had thai food beforehand because, 'Hey girl, aren't you doing a long run in the morning? Get the egg rolls.'

I needed to run 7 miles on Sunday, so Lana offered to run with me. Because I can't do math or create routes, I accidentally took us on an almost 9-mile run. Whoops! But we did see some awesome Halloween decor. Richland Park's Halloween game is on point!

Sunday was Baldwin Costume Day. OBVIOUSLY, we fueled up at Secret Bellevue Cheesesteak. Obviously. Then we went to every store that exists to get the materials for John's costume. Because once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout.

This went on for a long time, like probably 10 hours, but it's mostly done. I kept teasing John, asking how many Boy Scouts badges he earned for Halloween costume construction. I hope you're all prepared to see the insanity that will be John Baldwin's Halloween costume.

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