Weekend Wrap Up: Ham In, HAM Out Edition

This Saturday I ran the Germantown Oktoberfest 5K with my friend Lana and approximately 70% of East Nasty. Because I PR-ed at this race

last year

, a few people asked me if I was going to try and beat my time. I looked up my splits from last year and realized I ran a 9:38 average pace. Yeah, there was no way I was going to beat that two weeks post-Augusta. I decided to try and at least keep my sub-30 PR, but to ultimately not kill myself trying. Famous last words.

After we took this picture, I asked my friend Hercules, aka Jeremy Taylor, what pace he was going to run and if I could run with him. And then one millisecond later, the start gun went off. He and Kevin took off and I knew it was too fast, but I decided to stick with them as long as I could. When we hit one mile, my Garmin told me we were running an 8:52 minute mile. Y'ALL.

I knew it wasn't smart, and they were starting to pull away from me, but I sped up and stayed behind them. Alas, I lost them in The Farmers' Market. Without my pacers, I slowed down a little and ran the last mile alone, questioning my life choices. My splits were: 8:52, 9:14 and 9:24, giving me a new PR of 28:23. HAM.

My friend


 frequently posts pictures of this mythical place that serves chocolate gravy over biscuits. I've been trying to eat there for about a year now. On Saturday, it finally happened. After the 5K, Lana and I drove a few blocks to

Big Al's Deli

in Salemtown. It was the breakfast of my dreams and I want to eat there every day. I ordered

Big Al's Breakfast

(for $5.75!) and gleefully ate all of it. I joked on Instagram that I went so HAM at the race that I had to immediately go eat ham to replenish my supply, to which my friend Jenn quipped, "Ham in, HAM out".

On Saturday night, we went with friends back to

Tango Grill

, home of the # 1 Baldwin Sandwich, the Chivito Punta Del Este (# 2 is Secret Bellevue Cheesesteak - duh). I can't quit this sandwich. This picture doesn't do it justice.

After dinner, Mike and Amanda stopped at this butcher shop behind Tango Grill. Apparently John has always wanted to go in there (???), so we all went in. It was kind of awesome. We were too overwhelmed to pick anything out, but I'd like to go back and further investigate their pickled vegetables and array of salsas and sauces. I also just want to support any business who has this as their sign.

A week before my half Ironman, I registered for a December half marathon so I'd have something to focus on after my big race. Turns out, December isn't that far away, so guess who had to do a long run this weekend? Yep. Lana and I ran 7 long, slooooow miles and then treated ourselves to coffee and biscuits from Dose. I'm obsessed with this spicy egg biscuit. Obsessed!

Yesterday John and I saw

The Skeleton Twins

at the Belcourt. It was so good! I mean, obviously, it's hard to go wrong with Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, but this movie is really good. It was a little heavier than I expected, but I loved it. I think it's at the Belcourt through next Thursday, the 23rd. I highly recommend going to see it.

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