These My Nails

I love painting my nails. Always have. I have a pretty extensive array of polishes and decorative (


: glitter) top coats, which I like to spread out on the floor while waiting on inspiration to strike. Once I've decided on a color, with surgeon-like precision, I arrange my tools on the coffee table, find an eighties movie on Netflix and commence to paintin'.

My manicures always last a week, usually longer if I let them. With short nails and light polish, I can usually make it 10-12 days. That's pretty good for an at-home manicure. And I'm using regular polish, not gel.

The secret to my nail success is two-fold:  

Orly Bonder


Sally Hansen Ultra Wear Top Coat

. That's right, Sally Hansen. My love for things you can buy at Walgreens is unparalleled. 

I've probably used every basecoast you can buy, including the fancy $20 ones at Sephora. None of them work as well as this Orly basecoat. It'll change your nail polish life. Same with the Sally Hansen top coat. It's on the high-price-end of Sally Hansen products, but it's worth it.

The most recent addition to my nail arsenal is this Sally Hansen (duh)

I Heart Nail Art Pen

. I've definitely gotten $5 worth of fun out of it, although John did have to draw the stripe on my right hand the first time I used it. I've gotten better at it, but it takes some practice to get used to drawing with your non-dominant hand.

See! Check me out, drawing triangles with my left hand! This is my attempt to DIY Door Sixteen's much-coveted

calgel manicure

. Close! Ish...

I am nothing, if not a copycat. I get most of my nail inspiration from bloggers and Birchbox. Feel free to follow my copycat ways on Pinterest. You can find my Beauty & Makeup Board


. Happy painting!

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