Checking In: Two Weeks Post Half Ironman 70.3 Augusta

Okay, technically, two weeks and three days. But who's counting?

I didn't think about how I would feel after the race, or how long I would feel that way. As a long-time resident of camp, I'll Show You, it's been uncomfortable to live in a space of sheer joy and pride, which is undoubtedly why I keep crying every time someone says something nice to me. But this new space is nice, and I'm acclimating to it.

The first week is a blur. I don't know what I did for those seven days. I think I spent the whole week unpacking and writing my race recap. I remember being tired and sore, and sleeping a lot. Oh god, and crying. SO MUCH CRYING.

The second week, last week, was still weird. I was still more tired than usual and had a hard time figuring out what to do with myself all day. I couldn't get into a rhythm. Nothing felt right and my emotions were running high. I also dreamt about the race every night, usually that I was lost on the course. We had that full/blood moon last week, so maybe the moon is to blame. I don't know. Science.

This week, I'm back! I had a super awesome weekend and I woke up on Monday feeling like my old self. My sleep is back on track and my days feel normal and less terrifyingly unstructured. I feel like my brain turned back on.

The biggest adjustments have been sleep, food and time management. The sleep is probably obvious. When you work-out for 10-12 hours a week, you sleep like a baby. The circadian rhythm is going to get me, but it hasn't gotten me yet.

While I stayed at my 1,500 a day calorie goal during training, I could go over a little and still lose weight. I could also eat like a dumbass and still lose weight. Not anymore! It's a work in progress, but I'm trying not to go over my calorie goal, at least not every day.

I followed a 20-week training plan, but I started training for this race in February. So for seven months, I had a thing I did every day that took anywhere from 2-6 hours. I'm figuring out a new routine and it's becoming more comfortable every day, but it's an adjustment for sure. Right now, my problem days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - the days I rode my bike.

I don't currently have a gym membership, so I'm figuring out what to do and where. There's a Planet Fitness down the street, but is that a place actual people go? There's also McCabe Community Center and Centennial Sportsplex. I don't know what I'll do yet.

Oh! And I have a black toe, which I'm super excited about! No, really, I am! Y'all, I feel so hardcore. For years, I've heard people complain about their toenails turning black and falling off, but it's never happened to me. Finally I can lay claim to that elusive black toe bragging right. I've shockingly refrained from photographing it thus far. Thus far...

To be continued!

*I told you I bought those pictures.

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