Weekend Wrap Up: Labor Day Edition

On Saturday, I joined my friend Cathy in Brentwood for a bike ride & brick. Cathy is doing Augusta, too. She has friends training for Jack and Back, so they let us tag along on their training ride. They took us on a 40 mile ride that went through Arrington Vineyards & College Grove. It was so nice to be off of the Trace! After the ride, we ran a 3 mile brick, which surprisingly felt good! Great training day!

I kind of blew it out, food-wise, on Saturday. After my ride, I met Lana for lunch at Korea House, which is apparently my recovery meal now. I didn't eat as much as I usually do, so a few hours later, I went to Sonic. And then a few hours after that, I went with John to Hattie B's. Korean food, fried food, dairy & hot chicken was probably not smart the night before a 10 mile run...

Little known fact: you can't wear headphones during triathlons. That half marathon I have to run after my 56 mile bike ride? I'll be running that alone with no music. So that'll be fun. Lana pointed out that maybe I should practice since I'm not used to running by myself. No one in my lady gang is training for anything right now, so I took Lana's advice & ran my 10 mile run on Sunday alone, with no music.

It actually wasn't that bad! I think all these weeks of riding for hours on end without talking has prepared me to run without talking. Who knew?

My legs were SORE, so John & I went to McKay to keep me upright & moving. I found a section in McKay that I've shockingly never found before - Speculation. Speculation! Lot of books on the Bermuda Triangle & a lot of books on unicorns. So, that.

We left McKay & decided to go see


, which was in theaters this weekend for it's 30th anniversary. It was hilarious to see a a movie from 1984 in a 2014 movie theater. It was also hilarious just to hear John laugh for 107 minutes, which he did, loudly.

Labor Day doesn't really apply to me anymore, but it hurts my extrovert feelings to know people are doing something without me. So I pretended that I also "had the day off" & joined Lana & Katie for a Labor Day Ladies Leisure Ride. We didn't have a plan, we just decided to meet at Katie's & see where the ride takes us. Well, the ride took us from Donelson to East Nashville to Metro Center. We stopped in Germantown & had lunch at Red Bicycle, then we rode back to Donelson. Hilariously, our "leisure ride" ended up being a 28-mile, 3 hour & 20 minute ride. Ha!

Thank you for the kind words regarding my

last post

.  That was difficult to write & I'm glad it was received with compassion & understanding.

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