Weekend Wrap-Up: Bike Ride To Smyrna Edition

I didn't take any pictures during my epic bike ride to Smyrna on Saturday, so here's a picture from a ride I did last week. On Saturday, not pictured, I met my friend Cathy in Brentwood to ride with our Jack & Back hosts again. They took us on a 50-mile ride from Brentwood to Nolensville, to Smyrna, back to Brentwood. It wasn't a great ride for me, but I still can't believe I rode my bike to Smyrna.

I met Lana for lunch at Korea House after my ride. I don't know why Korea House is so soothing to me after a long ride, but it really is. Maybe it's because I don't have to drive to get it. Back at home with a belly full of kimchi, I laid on the couch & finished reading


by John Waters. Y'all, that book is nuts, but I loved it.

On Sunday, I met Lana & Jaime for a 6-mile run in the rain, which actually felt nice. They went on to Dose for coffee & breakfast biscuits, while I went home to get my wetsuit & drive to the lake. Sigh.

We swam for an hour, the first half of which was actually pretty painful for me as I apparently had my wetsuit on wrong. I think I didn't have it pulled up over my shoulder enough. I finally got out & adjusted it & it was better, but my shoulder has been sore ever since (I'm icing it).

John was actually in Maryland this weekend. Well, half of the weekend. His dad bought a new car & gave us his old pickup truck. So John flew to Maryland on Saturday afternoon, got the truck & drove through the night home. He was exhausted, I was exhausted. Cracker Barrel to the rescue. We spent the rest of Sunday laying on the couch regretting our food choices & watching

Twin Peaks


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