Weekend Wrap Up: 56 Miles Edition

On Saturday, I got up at 4am to meet Cathy & Kristie, my Augusta friends, for our last long training ride. Kristie lives in Leiper's Fork, so we met at her house & rode from there. The plan was to ride at least 56 miles, 60 if we felt like it.

We decided to stop at mile 28 & either turn around & head back, or ride 2 more miles & make it an even 60. We hit 28 at exactly 2 hours. We went ahead & turned around. I only had enough nutrition for 4 hours, plus I was under-dressed & FREEZING.

So we rode 56 1/2 miles, which I'm super proud of. We were supposed to run a 3-mile brick after, but I only had time for 2 because I had 90 minutes to get from Leiper's Fork to my acupuncture appointment in East Nashville, hopefully with a shower in between.

I left acupuncture & went to a flat tire changing party. I learned how to change a flat a year or two ago, but I've never had to do it & there's no way I'd remember all the steps, especially in the middle of a race. With my friend Marne's help, I learned how to change a flat AND she made sure I won the prize that included everything my flat kit was missing, which was basically everything.

You know what feels great the morning after a 56 mile ride & 2 mile run? A 10 mile run. I'm so sorry, legs. Jaime met me at Belle Meade Blvd & ran the first loop with me, which helped. I actually got a second wind during the second loop & picked up my pace & ran an extra half mile. Who knows?!

After the run, I drove to the lake & swam for an hour with Cathy, Kristie & my NAC Masters friend Tammy. Cathy helped make sure the wetsuit was pulled over my shoulder properly & I swam pain-free. THANK GOD. I had acupuncture after my swim, which really helped my poor dead legs.

Back at home, John made crab cakes for dinner & we laid on the couch watching more

Twin Peaks

. I'm pretty sure I was asleep by 8pm.

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