Half Ironman 70.3 Training: Week 20 -- Race Week!

Continuing the taper I started

last week

, this week was all about rest & recovery. Here's what my training looked like:


40 minute 

NAC Masters



60 minute bike ride (14.40 miles)

Avg mph:  14.5

22 minute bike ride (3.70 miles)

Avg mph:  10.1

1.36 mile brick (16 minutes)

Bike total:  18.1 miles


2.49 mile run (31:51 minutes)

Run total (including bricks):  3.85 miles

Total training:  2.83 


This week was also about organization, the fourth sport of triathlon. I made a spreadsheet of my race weekend schedule & a list of things to do & buy before I leave on Friday. Oh, & I also had to hydrate, eat a lot of protein & get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. And did I mention that John is sick? Yeah, we're currently living in separate zones of our house to keep me from getting sick. We're using Linda to courier messages to each other. I'm just kidding. Linda would never climb that many stairs.

Augusta To Do List:

Make spreadsheet/schedule for weekend

Confirm Augusta hotel

Make pre-race nutrition plan

Make race day nutrition plan

Email nutrition plans to Mari-Etta for feedback

Buy Augusta breakfast food & snacks

Buy insulated cooler/lunch box

Arrange transportation for my sister

Find race tracker app for John, Jaime & Lana

Adjust FB settings so they can tag me during race

Buy salt pills

Buy Huma gels

Paint nails

Register for post-Augusta race

Pack transition bag

Pack weekend bag

Make rice cakes

Chill the fuuuck out

It's weird how this is about the same amount of stuff than I take to an Olympic distance triathlon, which means I'm taking way too much stuff to Olympic distance triathlons. The big differences here are the wetsuit, the practice swim pile & the morning clothes bag pile. Oh, & the headlamp - because apparently I need a headlamp to set up my transition area on Sunday morning...? I swear, if someone told me I'd need to send faxes in transition, there would be a fax machine sitting on this bed. I'm such a sucker.

This morning I did my last training work-out:  20 minute ride, 15 minute run. I almost didn't do it because I thought, 'Today will be the day I wreck & break my leg.' But I'm happy to report I'm still in one piece. Knock on wood.

Seven months & 17 lbs later, I'm officially done training. Next stop:  race day!

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