Half Ironman 70.3 Training: Week 18

This was my last hard training week. Starting now, I taper, then rest, then race. And try not to lose my mind. Here's what my training looked like this week:


60 minute 

NAC Masters


60 minute OWS


1:00 hour bike ride (12.42 miles)

Avg mph:  12.4

4:15 hour bike ride (56.54 miles)

Avg mph:  13.3

2.01 mile brick (24:54 minutes)

Bike total:  68.96 miles


3.56 mile run (45:08 minutes)

3 mile run (37:08 minutes)

10.50 mile run

(2:08 hours)

Run total (including bricks):  17.06 miles

Total training:  12



 (including yoga)

This week, I found acupuncture. I swam with my wetsuit on wrong last weekend & hurt my shoulder. It got progressively worse throughout the week, so on Thursday, I called & made an appointment at

East Nashville Community Acupuncture

. My shoulder pain went away after my initial appointment on Friday, but I had made appointments for Saturday, Sunday & Monday, so I kept going. I figured with the insanity I put my body through this weekend, it couldn't hurt. I just asked them to shift the focus from my shoulder to my knees. And guess who's knees don't hurt? Acupuncture! Who knew?

Saturday was my longest ride, 56.54 miles. The ride was good & bad. It was good in that my hydration & nutrition worked, & my mood & energy was good throughout the ride. The bad is that it was cold & I was under-dressed. And it rained. And it was REAL windy. How I don't have pneumonia is anyone's guess.

For the last 10 miles of the ride, I was real over it. I wasn't in pain, but my quads were tightening, bordering on cramping. Luckily, I was able to ride through it, but it wasn't enjoyable. I didn't think I'd be able to run after, but I sure as shit could. As soon as I started running, all the pain in my legs went away. What I'm saying is, basically, my body is a wonderland.

Quick highlights:

I swam in my wetsuit today with no shoulder pain.

I learned how to change a flat tire on my bike (front tire only).

I lost another pound & am down 35 pounds!!!

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