Weekend Wrap Up: Yoga For Men Edition

After a two week Natchez Trace hiatus, Team Taurus was back out there bright & early on Saturday. Someone rode by us & yelled, "Good job, Team Braids!" so maybe we should change our name. Also on the table, Hell of the Dirty South, pending Marshall's approval. We did a 40-mile ride followed by a 2-mile brick. And all before 11:00am!

I had just gotten home post-ride & realized I had nothing to eat for lunch. Lana to the rescue! She was out tax-free-holiday-ing it up & needed sustenance. I told her I was starving, but too tired to drive anywhere, so I walked next door & met her at Korea House. I ate all of this. And then I took a nap.

Tiffany & Lily Sue were in town from NYC, so I drove to Murfreesboro to meet Tiffany & Lauren for dinner. These pictures are ridiculous because we were trying to get the Camino Real sign in the background, plus, you know our three heads. At one point, we debated getting Ella, Lauren's three year old daughter, out of her car-seat & having her take the picture. It's a selfie world & we're all just living in it.

I talk a lot about riding my bike because the 56-mile bike portion of Ironman Augusta seems insane, but here's a less talked about fun fact, I have to run a half marathon after that 56-mile bike ride. So in addition to my long rides on Saturday, I'm spending Sundays training for a half marathon. It's hard, y'all. But luckily, these things called lattes exist & they help.

You know what feels good after riding 40 miles, running 2 & then running another 7? Sitting down. On Sunday afternoon, John & I saw


at the Belcourt. I'm always worried I'll be disappointed in movies that garner so much positive press, but not the case here. This movie is fantastic. One caveat, it's 3 hours long, but as I learned from a fellow Belcourt patron, the time to get up & stretch &/or use the restroom is the Thanksgiving scene. You're welcome. But seriously, see this movie. It's so good.

To know John is to know that he suffers from sudden onset curiosity. These curiosity "phases" can last anywhere from a few years to all of the years. Sometimes it's normal stuff like ghosts & uranium, & sometimes it's more interesting, mainstream things, you know, like steel, or Reelfoot Lake. Anyway, right now it's Feng Shui. So after the movie, we went to McKay to search out Feng Shui books & I stumbled across 

Yoga For Men Only

, published in 1969. This book is NUTS.

That first page is all about helping Harry regain his lost male authority in his home. Duh. But this second page is really something. Did you know that if you're a 42 year old male & do yoga just twice, that you can be engaged to a smoking hot 25-year old in five & a half months?! Believe it.

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