Weekend Wrap Up: Fifty Miles Edition

On Friday night, I got my hair re-pinked. The pink highlights I got washed out, so I went back & got my hair legit dyed pink. Pink forever! Then I did my nails. DUH.

Saturday started at 4:45am. Because that's my life. Mary Katherine & I had to ride for 3 1/2 hours. Sick of our usual Trace route, we decided to start at the Garrison Creek rest stop. It took a lot longer to drive to than either one of us realized, but it was definitely a better ride. We rode out for 25 miles, turned around & rode back for 25 miles. I had never seen that part of the Trace, so the new scenery (& hills) were a much welcomed change.

Fifty miles is my longest ride. I wish I hadn't been sick (ish), but it does boost my Augusta confidence that I can ride for almost 4 hours while feeling like crap. After the ride, we did the world's shortest brick, realized it was noon & hightailed it out of there.

A big chocolate milk & a little stretching later, I felt back to normal. Actually, I felt hungry. So I drove to Korea House & treated myself to kimchi fried rice & a fried egg. It's become one of my favorite recovery meals. But also, I just love Korea House.

Sunday included a 9 mile run & a cook-out with good friends, none of which I took pictures of. But here's a picture of my bike!


70.3 Training: Week 15