Half Ironman 70.3 Training: Week 13

Last week

 I talked about some knee discomfort & needing to add strength back into my training. While I didn't do any legit strength training, I did take my friend Paige's 90 minute Iyengar yoga class at 

12South Yoga

 on Thursday night (thanks, Paige!). I LOVED it. I also did my physical therapy exercises (aka 'clams') 3 nights this week.

Here's what my training looked like:


60 minute OWS

(Sportsplex was closed this week)


1:21 hour bike ride (16.03 miles)

Avg mph:  11.8

*1:31 hour bike ride (20.10 miles)

Avg mph:  13.1

2 mile brick (22:36 minutes)

*I was riding my bike around Shelby & decided to do some speed work around the Cornelia Fort Airpark. I rode 4 laps:  1 easy, 1 fast, 1 easy, 1 fast. Y'all, my fast laps were at 25 mph! HAM.

2:45 hour bike ride (40.24 miles)

Avg mph:  14.6

2 mile brick (23:09 minutes)

Bike total:  76.37 miles


5.06 mile run (1:06 hours)

8 mile run (1:44 hours)

Run total (including bricks):  17.06 miles

Total hours of training:  12 hours

I'm so sick of Natchez Trace, I could barf. I was in NRC this week & Season showed me an alternate for riding on the Trace, starting at Long Hunter State Park, but at the last minute, we bailed on Hermitage & drove to almost-Ashland City. I say almost because John keeps reminding me that I was not, in fact, in Ashland City.

Marshall escorted us around a 20 mile loop twice. And then he rode home (to Green Hills!) (from almost-Ashland City!) because he's a show-off. And we stayed & ran our 2 mile brick on/around almost-Ashland City Highway.

It was a great ride. We did get chased by an absurd amount of dogs though. Cheatham County, there's this thing called The Law. Look into it. Even your coon-hunting country dogs are not supposed to be running at large. Y'all, I got chased by a chow. I didn't even know chows could chase. Cheatham County chow...

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