Weekend Wrap Up: What Is My Life Edition

My weekend started EARLY on Saturday. I got up at 4:45 to meet Mary Katherine & Julie for a 45-mile bike ride & 2-mile brick (run). I was back home by 11:00. It's real weird to exercise to that extreme & be back home before lunch, or before your husband is awake. It definitely set off the 'what is my life' mantra that continued throughout the weekend.

Oh yeah, this is my life. Duh.

My bike hasn't been shifting correctly, so I dropped it off at Red Kite for a tune-up & then went to check out the NRC West grand opening. While I was out ignoring the imminent atrophy of my quadriceps, I swung into Walgreens & bought this $5 nail pen. I'm into it. One thing, actually two things. One, put a top coat over it. I didn't & it came off the next day. Two, make sure you have someone around who can do your right (or left) hand.

I've been ignoring the 6:30am open water swim Mary Katherine does every Sunday because - well, it's a 6:30am open water swim on a Sunday. But I decided to try it this week because I am apparently a cyborg who no longer requires sleep on the weekends.

It was a good endurance swim, but I may need to supplement with other open water swims that incorporate speed work & drills. It's great practice if you've got an open water race coming up though, particularly olympic distance or greater.

After the swim, I did a real terrible 6-mile run with Jaime & then went home & transformed from triathlete into wife. Y'all, I have not worn makeup or real pants in like a month. At least. So I put on a dress, & a


, natch, & went to lunch with my husband. We went to this real fancy place close to Vanderbilt. It's called Pizza Perfect. Joie de vivre.

You know our dog's named Linda McCartney, right? So surely you know my husband's love for The Beatles is next level. After lunch, we went over to the Belcourt to see the last showing of

A Hard Day's Night

. While we were waiting for the movie to start, John told me when this movie came out in 1964, his mom & her friends camped out at the movie theater & watched it over & over. I mean, I camped out for


, but I only watched it once.

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