Weekend Wrap Up: Rice Cake to Nowhere Edition

I could write this entire blog post about how much time & effort went into these rice cakes. I could tell you how many grocery stores I went to, how many times I called Marshall Bassett while standing in the aluminum foil aisle of said grocery stores. I could even tell you how I forgot I don't own a rice cooker. Instead, I'll tell you this, I made rice cakes. No one ate them. The end. You're welcome.

The weather Saturday was not great. Mary Katherine & I had a long bike ride scheduled. Thus the aforementioned rice cakes. It kept raining & we kept pushing the start time back. Finally, it stopped raining & we drove out to Natchez Trace, only to get there & discover the entire Trace was covered in a dense fog. So we took a fog selfie, natch, turned around & drove back home.

Oh, that's right, I have a trainer! So much for getting out of my bike ride. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to sit on that thing for 3 hours, but I decided I'd at least have to make it through a movie. Also? I needed to ride long enough to eat one of those damn rice cakes. I watched the Tonya Harding documentary

The Price of Gold

(yeah, I did!). Thanks to Sarah Allen for the tip. It was only 1:18 long, so I needed to keep going. I made it to 1:40.

I met my lady gang on Sunday morning for run through West End/Vandy. Lana had been slaving away making jam all weekend (

Jam On It

), so we kindly took that off her hands. I'm real excited to try the peach cardamon!

I know it's July, but I need to practice swimming in my wetsuit. So I did. And I was fast as shit. I'll risk over-heating in Augusta to be able to swim this fast. Thanks, Emma!

I swam a good 45-60 minutes with Karen & Beth. It was a great open water swim practice. John & I spent the rest of the day doing house stuff. We finally gave the middle finger to Comcast, cancelled our cable & returned the DVR. We bought a second Roku & a digital antenna & set all that up on Sunday. Y'all, we're totes fine. Who knew I didn't need cable?! Well, besides my husband.

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