Weekend Wrap Up: I Swam In The Cumberland (Twice!) Edition

Y'all, I spent a lot of time in the Cumberland River this weekend, 52 minutes to be exact. On Saturday, I did an open water swim benefiting the

Nashville Dolphins

. The Cumberland River has a current, unlike Percy Priest, where I usually swim, & I wanted to get a feel for it before my race on Sunday.

I only swam the 400m course on Saturday since I was going to be swimming the longer, 1500m course on Sunday. I swam it in about 9 minutes. When I got out, I ran into Coach Chris from NAC Masters. Right after we snapped this picture, I looked down & saw a fish jump out of the water & eat a piece of trash. He was easily 3 feet long & ate a 4oz paper Powerade cup. So I was real excited to be swimming with that guy the next day.

On Sunday, I woke up at 4:00am & started the all-day process that was Music City Triathlon. I'll write a proper race recap later this week, but I had a good race. The heat index in Nashville was a balmy 110 degrees yesterday, so you know, that was awesome. But I somehow managed to stay alive, despite my right arm tingling & going numb halfway through the run course. All I could think was, 'If I have a heart attack, at least I can stop running'.

Any hope I had of placing in yesterday's race went out the window in the 2nd mile of the 6-mile run. I'm pretty sure I've never walked in a race & I walked about half of it yesterday. Plus, the whole, 'AM I having a heart attack?' thing. I glanced at the results before I left & saw that I came in 4th, which I was pretty proud of. I snapped a pic of the result sheet & had John read me my finish times as we were driving home. That's when we both realized that I won. Luckily, Marne won too & she was still there, so she grabbed my prize for me. See above. Thanks, Team Magic!

My good friend Julie Koh, aka Hot Koh Koh, is moving to Boston & Marne & I hosted her going away party last night. This is the awesome cake Mary Katherine picked up for the party. It was a bittersweet night. Julie is largely responsible for my becoming a triathlete & she for sure is who taught me how to do this insane sport, but aside from that, she is one of my favorite friends & Nashville won't be the same without her. Safe travels, Hot Koh Koh. We love you!

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