Weekend Wrap Up: 4th of July Edition

Friends who braid together, stay together. I've started copying Mary Katherine's braids for our long rides. I just like the way it looks, but MK says it keeps her from getting ponytail-related helmet-headaches. My favorite part about this picture is the body language of the guy standing in front of us. He told us afterwards that he didn't understand why we turned our backs to the camera. He's so sassily confused.

I snapped this pic mid-ride because I had never ridden this far on Natchez Trace before. I think it's I-840. Saturday was such a gorgeous day for a long Trace ride. It was 56 degrees when we started. We debated wearing arm warmers. In July!

After lunch & a nap, I pulled myself together & met Jaime & Lana at the Belcourt to see

Obvious Child

. None of us 100% knew what to expect from this movie, but we all liked it. I love Jenny Slate & the character she plays in this movie is hilarious. It's kind of an indie, rom-com, but it works. I liked it!

After the movie, we headed to The Stone Fox for dinner & drinks, except I didn't drink because I was barely awake at this point. Oh, and 'this point' was 7:00pm. Have I mentioned how much fun I am on weekends now?

On Sunday, I met Jaime & Lana for a torturous 6-mile run that I did not enjoy AT ALL. My legs were shot from the day before. Luckily, my body can basically run on auto-pilot at this point.

Most of the organized open water swims (OWS) were cancelled this weekend due to the 4th of July holiday, so when my friends Karen & Paul invited me to meet them at Anderson Road Rec Area on Sunday morning, I jumped at the chance. It was so crowded & choppy, but we got in a 1,000m swim. It was great practice for me because Paul is faster than I am & I could pace myself by trying to stay right behind him. Well, mostly. Thanks, Team Putnam!

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