MyFitnessFoe, Part 168

168! I've lost 30 pounds!!!

When I last

checked in

it was early June & I had hit 172. I can't believe I'm down to 168. Shit, in another 3 pounds, I won't be an Athena anymore. Y'all, that is NUTS.

About a year after I moved home from NYC, Mary Katherine, Jaime & I all started seeing a dietitian at St. Thomas named Blair Blair. We loved her so hard. I found my old Blair Blair notebook this morning. Here are my recorded weights:

Jan. 2004 -- 159 lbs

Feb. 2004 -- 157 lbs

July 2004 -- 155 lbs

Jan. 2005 -- 168 lbs

Oh hey, January 2005 weight. Nice to see you again after 9 long, fat years. This is the first time I've been under 170 since 2005. I did Weight Watchers back in 2007 & got down to 172, but that didn't last long. I've probably been over 180 ever since.

Here's a picture of Jaime, (our old friend Emily), Mary Katherine & me from 2004, the year of Blair Blair. This was a birthday party for me & Mary Katherine. Just a couple of smoking hot 28 year olds, NBD.

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