Weekend Wrap Up: #thingsthatlooklikefaces Edition

Fact:  My favorite Instagram hashtag is #thingsthatlooklikefaces. As far as I can tell, the sous chef at Husk started it & I am obsessed. Lana & I had dinner at Korea House on Friday night & she told me she has the best "thing that looks like a face" in her utility closet. She said she'd send it to me when she got home. Ta-da!

Lana took one for the team & joined me for my long ride on Saturday morning. In the rain. We rode out to the Percy Priest dam & back. In the rain. I was supposed to ride for 2 1/2 hours & then run a 2-mile brick. We called it around 2 1/4 hours because it was POURING. Catch you next time, brick.

John & I were meeting our friend Jeff for dinner on Saturday night & I was feeling simultaneously skinny & self-destructive, so I decided to try on my old designer jeans from NYC, circa 2003. Those sons of bitches fit! And I don't mean fit over Spanx as long as I was standing up - no, I mean fit like I wore them to dinner & could comfortably sit & eat. Yeah, I did!

P.S. Apologies to anyone who saw my butt on Saturday night. 2003 jeans were LOW.


I met Lana & Jaime early on Sunday morning for a run. IN THE RAIN. Man, this rain. In the middle of our run, we saw Ann Patchett walking her dog. I yelled, "Hi! I love

your bookstore

!" I spent the rest of the run wishing I had thought to thank her for bringing Donna Tartt (and David Sedaris, and Jen Lancaster) to Nashville.

John & I went to Thai Kitchen for lunch, DUH, & then went to McKay. My friend Delaney & I share a love of old, spiral-bound cookbooks. I found this gem on Sunday. It looked like it had never been opened. Look at those olives on the plate with the hot dog! And the thermos in the sandwich picture!

So much for not buying anymore books. Sorry one hundred other books I have waiting to be read. Inspired by my early morning Ann Patchett sighting, I remembered she listed some books I want to read in a

recent blog post

. The rules of McKay are:  don't look for the book, let the book find you. But I broke that rule & set out to find these Ann Patchett recs & I found them! Totally worth $8.

There's no picture of me watching tv on my computer, but I started watching Season One of

Inside Amy Schumer

this weekend & it's kind of the funniest thing in the world. Has anyone else watched this?

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