Weekend Wrap Up: Punk Rock Talk Edition

I snapped this pic before heading out on Saturday. Training nutrition is hard. Anyone who can figure out that Hammer stuff should be awarded an honorary doctorate in chemistry. You determine the number of scoops by calculating your weight & the number of hours you'll be working out & then you have to mix it into this batter-like consistency before you even put it into your water bottle. It's probably easier to cook meth.

Oh, & I didn't take all of that on my ride. I like to lay everything out & then decide what to take. This was my first Bonk Breaker experience & I've got to say, not a fan. I could only get about half of it down & I ended up throwing the rest away. Meh.

Mary Katherine & I are working on finding new routes, but for this weekend, we went back to Natchez Trace. My training has switched from miles to time, meaning that I had to ride for 2 hours 15 minutes, instead of 30 miles. We rode 29.78 miles in 2:13 & then ran 2 miles. I felt super strong on the bike & climbed a lot faster & easier. This was my first Trace ride post bike fitting & I could tell a difference. Also, no back pain! Yay! The run sucked, but doesn't it always?

Kern! My friend Caryn was in town from NYC to do some house selling business, so John & I met her & her mom for dinner on Saturday night. In all the years I've been friends with Caryn, I've somehow never met anyone from her family, so it was fun to meet her mom. It was also awesome to get a first-hand account of



I was supposed to do a 70 minute run on Sunday. The forecast was a picture of the earth on fire, so we decided to meet at 6:45am in an attempt to beat the heat. Ha! No such luck. You know what else we didn't beat? One hundred percent humidity. 100%! In hindsight, I'm pretty sure I had mild heat stroke, but all I knew at the time was that I was having an out-of-body experience & was either going to fall or faint. So I stopped. I made it 58 minutes.

All of my nieces were sick last weekend, so John & I went to Smyrna yesterday to celebrate Fathers Day with my family. My mom asked me & my sister which one of us had an Alf doll because she had recently come across it in the attic. I immediately demanded to see it, so up into the attic we went. Alf was a false alarm, but my mom did throw down my Cabbage Patch address book from third grade & my diary from 1985-1990. The entry above is one of my favorites:  "I'm allready sick of it".

Post script:  I totally got a Wrinkles for my birthday that year. This is

the one

I had.

I had this awesome teacher in second grade who made us write every day. There was a wall of folders in the classroom with our names on them & all of our writing went into our folders. My mom kept mine. I was convinced I had written a scintillating kidnapping story, so my mom went & pulled my folder out. I'll let you read it for yourself (see above). And after you're done, I'd again like to remind you that I was in second grade. HARD CORE.

This was in my folder, too & it's too ridiculous not to share with the world wide web. "Man, it's The End! O.K."

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