Half Ironman 70.3 Training: Week 7

This month has brought a lot of changes into my life. One of those changes is that I am now training for Ironman Augusta 70.3 on my own. I was fortunate to have a coach for the first four months of my training & built a solid base. Now it's time to take what I've learned and get myself to race day.

I'm loosely following


20 week plan. I'm in week 7. Here's what my training looked like this week:


45 minute core/strength class at

Red Kite

*cancelled YMCA membership

*After a lot of deliberation, I cancelled my YMCA membership. I just don't use it anymore. At most, I'm using it once a month for yoga. I don't work-out there anymore & I swim at Centennial. So... I cancelled it. I may regret it, but it's done.


60 minute bike class at Red Kite

Avg HR:  138 bpm

Max HR:  170 bpm


36 minute run with East Nasty (3.01 miles)

70 minute

NAC Masters



64 minute bike ride in Whites Creek/Joelton (15.68 miles)

Avg mph:  14.5


24 minute Pancake Run (2.35 miles)


2 1/4 hour bike ride (26.73 miles)

Avg mph:  11.7

10 minute brick


75 minute run (6.30 miles)

60 minute open water swim (OWS)

Missed Work-Outs:

I missed the brick after my long ride yesterday and my open water swim today - both because of bad weather. Okay, 95% bad weather, 5% laziness.

Thank you!

To all of my triathlete & cycling friends who have helped me with this transition from coach to no coach - thank you! Thank you for the training plans, advice, phone calls, emails, meals, ride alongs & most importantly, for listening & supporting me. There's no way I could do this sport without you.

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