Weekend Wrap Up: Wetsuit Edition

Super friend Emma routed me her wetsuit from Atlanta last week & I've been dying to try it out. Saturday was the day. On Friday night, I set out everything I'd need for the next day: an outfit to ride & run in, an outfit to wear under my wetsuit & an outfit to change out of the wetsuit into & drive home in. Plus, water & nutrition for 4-5 hours. Yeah. It was a 3 sports bra day.

It was real cold on Saturday morning. I snapped this pic of my nails before heading out on the bike. I wanted everyone to know how good my manicure was in case I died of hypothermia.

We rode a leisurely 90 minutes in/around Shelby Bottoms. I say leisurely because I was supposed to ride 21 miles in 90 minutes & we only made it to 14. Oops. Note to self: ride faster. Also, maybe quit taking so many pictures of animals while on your bike.

After our ride, we threw our bikes in our cars & took off on our run. There was a Bike Nash tour on the greenway. It was a complete cluster. But I think it made us faster because we ran our 2 miles 2 minutes faster than last week. Take that, brick!

After our run, we drove to Lana's house to change clothes & head to the lake for my open water swim. It was COLD. I told Lana she didn't have to swim with me, but if she would stand on the bank & video me swimming, that would be great. Ha! Famous last words.

Y'all, I loved swimming in a wetsuit! I was so fast! And buoyant! I could stretch out, not move & stay completely afloat on top of the water. But you'll have to take my word for it as no actual footage of me swimming made it into this Oscar-worthy video. Enjoy!

I'm poking fun, but Lana, you have no idea how much I appreciate you spending approximately 70% of your weekends working out with me for a race you're not training for. Thank you!! Hogs & kisses.

Yesterday was my niece's First Communion. I got a quick 6 mile run in & then headed to Smyrna. She got to pick where we went for lunch, so after the ceremony, we trekked to Chuy's in Murfreesboro where she wanted nachos, tacos AND ice cream. Typical post-First Communion fare.

Back at home, John set about reinstalling our mailbox & outdoor lights as they were smashed by a Mercedes SUV the other day in broad daylight, in front of us. Yes, they drove off. Yes, my husband tried to chase them. And yes he has spent the last 3 nights driving around West Nashville with his headlights off, fueled by equal parts Black & Milds, Mountain Dew & rage, looking for a black Mercedes SUV missing half of it's bumper. He hasn't found it yet. Yet...

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