Weekend Wrap Up: Tour de Dance Edition

My lady gang met early on Saturday morning to get a run in before the storms hit. It's possible we were too early as I've never been the first car parked at Shelby... We ran a speedy 5 miles & then drove in the pouring rain to the Downtown Y for yoga.

After yoga, I swung by the library & picked up a couple of books I've been on the wait list for. I started reading


this weekend & I'm into it. This should be obvious, but the

Who Owns the Future?

book is for John. I don't care about the future.

After lunch at home & a quick nap, I went back to the Y to get a swim in. I spent the rest of the afternoon painting my nails & lounging around. Linda spent the day dog-smiling & squinting into the sun.

On Saturday night, we met friends Adam & Julie at Lucky Bamboo for another hot pot. This time we opted for sichuan broth instead of ying yang. It was the right decision. We ate & ate & ate. It was so good.

Early on Sunday morning, I met Lana at Natchez Trace to do my first brick of the season: a 90 minute ride followed by a 2 mile run. Lana took this picture of me at the turn-around. I like to clip-out & dance at the turn-around. You know, like the professionals do. #tourdedance

The ride was harder than I expected & then I remembered, it was my first ride of the week. I usually ride three times a week, but I had been in DC for work & hadn't been on bike since last Sunday. After the ride, Lana & I quickly got our bikes in our cars, switched shoes & took off on our 2 mile run. I was supposed to run a 12 minute mile & finish in 24 minutes. It felt like we were running a 15 minute mile, but we finished at 23:55. Five seconds to spare! And with that, my first brick of the season is done. Next up: open water swim.

For Mother's Day yesterday, we all met for lunch at my parents' house. The girls are pretty into their iPads, so when Abigail came up for air, I tried to get her to take a picture with me. She asked, "Are we taking a self?" Ha! Then me, my sister & my mom wanted to take a "self" & unbeknownst to us, Abigail had snuck into the bottom of the frame. Bless her. Such a special child.

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