Weekend Wrap Up: Domo Arigato Edition

I had to run 7 miles on Saturday. Jessica agreed to meet me at 6:30am so that I could get my run in before yoga. This turned out to be a terrible idea. I was still running on a sleep deficit from the Arcade Fire concert, so I slept up until the run. Apparently I can't do long runs without coffee. Noted.

We ran the 7 miles, but I hated every step of it. Then I get to my precious yoga class only to find a substitute instructor doing a totally different style of yoga. A style of yoga not awesome for legs that just ran 7 miles. I made it 45 minutes & walked out. I was tired, mad & starting to get a headache, so I came home, made a pot of coffee & all was right with the world.

Our friends Melanie & Troy were hosting their annual Tres de Mayo party on Saturday night & I decided to make cookies to bring to the party. I still have all this leftover lemon buttercream from the

100 lb cake fail

of yore, so I made sugar cookies & iced them with the buttercream. I ate 100 of them. I'm not even kidding, I ate one that fell, icing side down, on the kitchen floor, where our dog walks.

L to R:  me, Jessica, Jaime, Melanie, Lana

At the party, we took a couple of group shots & as I was looking at them, noticed Melanie does this hilarious robo-arm pose. All women have tricks for posing in pictures, including positioning your arm in such a way that it's not smushed against your body, ham hock style. Because we're terrible people, we were laughing about it & walking around like robots & then this picture happened. I'm sorry, Melanie {said in robot-voice}.

I had to do a long ride yesterday & my friend Sarah offered to ride with me, lest I ride alone & the turkeys get me & discard of my body before anyone's the wiser. We met at the Trace & rode for an hour & a half. It was my best ride yet! I remembered how to do everything - I clipped out at the turn-around, I went downhill without riding my brakes & I kind of forgot to be scared of dying, which is good since I rode the first 45 minutes without my brakes engaged. Oops!

After the ride, I went to Maryland Farms & swam for 45 minutes. I was supposed to swim for an hour, but I just didn't have it in me. It was almost noon, I was starving, and bored. I'm finding it hard to swim for an hour by myself. I can swim all the live long day in a masters swim class, but on my own, I can only make it 30-45 minutes.

I'm kind of obsessed with the sauna at Maryland Farms. I had never been in one until Melanie joined me for a swim & suggested we sit in there for a few minutes to dry off. Now I sit in there every week after my swim. I know nothing about saunas & have no idea how long you're supposed to be in there. I'm always scared I'm going to doze off & wake up dead. There's no clock, so I gage time by how crispy my skin feels. Every week, I try to make it a few degrees of crispness longer. I think I'm up to 5 minutes now. Hilariously, I'm more proud of this than my ability to ride for 90 minutes or swim for 60. Competitive? Who, me?

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