Weekend Wrap Up: Take It Outside Edition

This was a three-day weekend for me. My Friday started with an hour endurance swim and ended with Linda and I both getting groomed. Linda needed her winter coat removed and I needed my roots to be blonde again. Sadly, only one of us left with a hot pink bandana around her neck.

I spent 11 hours and 20 minutes working out last week. I'm pretty sure it was all on Saturday. My lady running group has disbanded now that Oak Barrel is over, so I'm looking at a lot of solo runs. My first one was Saturday morning, 5+ miles that I had to get in before my 8:30am yoga class. I met my friends Sarah and Erica at Belle Meade Blvd. Apparently running behind them made me faster because my splits were 11:00, 10:55, 10:37, 10:44, 10:36 and 9:59. Oh hey, negative splits.

Sarah and I peeled out of Belle Meade and drove Downtown for yoga which we made with seconds to spare. I was kind of worried about a 75 minute yoga class after a long run, but it totally worked! I wasn't sore at all. After yoga, I stayed and did weights and then met Lana at

Garage Coffee Company

in Marathon Village. It's my new favorite coffee spot. Pro tip: order the slingshot latte, unless you're from outer space and don't want BOURBON SEA SALT sprinkled in your latte. Also, they're really nice and have good deals on their bags of coffee.

We're operating as a one car household at the moment, so John spent Record Store Day out and about while Linda and I enjoyed the gorgeous weather. I've decided to pick back up


, which I walked away from a year or so ago. I'm a few days in and not hating it, so maybe I'll finish it this time. Maybe...

One of my favorite neighborhood spots is

Kien Giang

. But John never wants to eat there. They only accept cash and the service is spotty, at best. I'm fine with these things and actually love how mean the servers are. I took advantage of John's post-record store day good mood and suggested Kien Giang for dinner. This is my standard order - the vermicelli # 3 and then we shared a bahn mi. So good!

Yesterday was another gorgeous day. My allergies are brutal right now, but I can't stay inside. Lana and I took a long bike ride through Shelby. We saw a lot of our East Nasty friends who were out for their last training run before CMM. I came home and grabbed lunch with John and we spent the rest of the afternoon taming our jungle yard.

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