Weekend Wrap Up: Pinterest Cake FAIL Edition

I've been a little fixated on cakes lately and I don't know why. There is

one in particular

that I pinned to my

Party On Wayne

food board and have been dying to make. When our neighbors invited us over to a cook-out on Saturday night, I said, "I'll bring cake!"

On Friday night, I was making my shopping list and realized that the recipe calls for 6" cake pans and I only have 8" and 9". I took my quandary to the internet and learned that Wilton's has a


on their website for how to adapt cake recipes to different sized cake pans. I was to double the recipe, only put 3 1/2 cups of the batter into the pans and make muffins/cupcakes out of the remaining batter. Easy, peasy.

I set out my pre-measured ingredients and started making the cake. Everything was going fine until I added the FOUR CUPS OF FLOUR into the stand mixer. It almost broke the 'ole girl. The next step was folding in egg whites, which is where it all went wrong because there was no room to fold in. So some of the batter was wet and some of it wasn't. I didn't care anymore, as I had developed sudden onset carpel tunnel and just needed to put the cake in the oven and rest my paws.

But the cake came out of the oven and looked kind of like a cake. I was feeling pretty confident. Then, as it cooled, it caved. Literally, the cake caved in on itself. Because it weighed 100 pounds. Because FOUR CUPS OF FLOUR. It was too late to turn back now. I iced that sucker and took it to the cook-out. Y'all, I'm not even kidding when I say it took two hands to carry it. That's how heavy it was.

I had tasted the cupcakes/muffins and they were delicious, so I assumed the cake would be, too. Wrong. While the cake was mostly delicious, it was also mostly not cooked. Whatever, cake.  WHATEVER.

Now that the weather is warmer, my coach wants me to ride outside. I've been riding inside on my trainer all winter, but this was my first time on the roads in about 7 months. Even though I clip-in on my trainer, I had a hard time clipping in and out yesterday. I had to ride around the parking lot a few times before I felt confident enough to get out on the mean streets of Shelby Bottoms. Lana and I rode for a little over an hour. Pretty slow and pretty flat, but man, my quads felt it.

After the ride, I drove to the Maryland Farms Y. My life would be so much easier if the Nashville Y pools would open on Sunday mornings. I did my hour swim and then came back home and ate Thai Kitchen with John. We spent the rest of the day running errands and I worked on clearing out my much neglected DVR.  Y'all, Hannibal is blowing my mind!

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