Weekend Wrap Up: Oak Barrel Half Edition

This weekend consisted of two things:  running & falling.  That's it.  Happy Monday!  Just kidding.  Well, kind of.  On Saturday, I ran the Oak Barrel Half Marathon in Lynchburg.  I got up at 4am, drank some coffee, drove to Jaime's, & then we set off for Lynchburg.

L to R:  Casey, Polly, me, Melanie, Jaime

I'm going to write a race report later this week, so I'll save the details of the run for that.  A lot of East Nasties ran this race, way more than this picture reflects, but it's hard to find everyone & corral them for a picture.  Lana, my # 1 homegirl, isn't even in this picture & she ran the whole race with me.

I'm glad I got a picture of Casey & Polly because I would possibly still be laying out there on the course if not for them.  I fell somewhere between miles 7 - 8 & they helped me up, cleaned me off, &, most importantly, made me keep going & stay on pace.  I was hurt a lot more than I let on & there's no way I would have finished that fast if I had been by myself.

My family came out to watch me & I saw them as I turned the corner to run into the finish chute.  It's always hilarious to see my nieces standing there as I finish races.  They're still shy, so they look down as I run towards them, totally missing the point of why they're there, haha.

L to R:  Melissa, Julie, me, Marne

My friend Julie is changing jobs & had a happy hour at her house Saturday to celebrate the new opportunities coming her way.  She made these insanely delicious Korean tacos that I failed to document.  But don't worry, I made sure this ridiculous selfie happened.  You're welcome.

Yesterday was a little rough.  When I fell during the race, I landed on my hands & knees.  In addition to my knees being, I believe the medical term is "to' up", my palms are scraped, my right wrist & forearm is bruised & swollen & my neck & shoulders hurt like I was in a car wreck.  It's real awesome.

Anyway, I didn't do anything yesterday but take naps & ice my knees.  John took me to Hattie B's for lunch, I slept all afternoon on the couch & then went to bed without dinner.  As my friend Freya would say, the struggle is real.

Stay tuned for the Oak Barrel race report, coming later this week.

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