Weekend Wrap Up: Hoturger Edition

On Friday night, I finished watching Season One of

Veronica Mars

. When I started this, I wasn't sure I'd stick with it, but within seconds of finishing the first season, I had John add Prime to the Roku so I could immediately start Season Two. I am officially hooked. Does that make me a marshmallow? I don't know what that means.

I had to run 6 miles on Saturday, so I met Melanie & Jaime at Percy Warner & we ran the 5.8 plus a mile on the Boulevard. While we were running, an owl flew across the trail & landed on a branch right in front of us. I have never A) seen an owl fly, B) been that close to an owl. Owls are kind of terrifying. Turns out, I was right to be so scared of my sorority initiation.

Women be shopping. Saturday was the Country Music Marathon, which I didn't run because, no. Due to the road closures, I couldn't get to the Downtown Y for yoga & weights.  So, duh, I went to the mall. I went into the new Lush store. I thought I didn't like Lush, but I was wrong. I just never had the right scent. I think that store is my new favorite thing. I spent way too much time in there. I wanted everything. Also, the sales associates are the teeniest bit pesky, but super helpful & really cool. When I left, one of them said, "See you next time, ladybird!" Pro tip: the secret to my retail heart is to give me a cute nickname.

Linda, eating bees & rocking a hot pink bandana, LIKE A BOSS.

Saturday was another gorgeous day, so I took my Kindle back out to the deck in my continued, determined attempt to finish


, which

I will finish

. John woke up & said our friends Mike & Amanda invited us over for a hot dog cook-out, so I decided to make Smitten Kitchen's salted brown butter crispy treats, which I almost,


, ruined because I didn't read the directions & almost added the entire box of cereal. You're only supposed to use half the box. I was like, 'why is this so hard to stir?' It's amazing that I continue to bake.

Mike & Amanda have one of those green egg things, so anytime they have an excess of meat, they kindly call my carnivore husband & invite us over. The menu Saturday was hot dogs & chicken sausage. I was confused when they brought the grilled meat in alongside a tray of hamburger buns. "Are there hamburgers?", I asked. Nope. The hot dogs go in the hamburger buns, it's called hoturger. Mike coated the buns in mayonnaise & put them on the grill & then we put the hot dogs & chicken sausage in the bun. OMG. Hoturger! Y'all, it was so good.

Sunday was my first Trace ride of the season. Riding a bike on Natchez Trace is no joke. Even though I spent the better part of last summer riding out there, I had a hell of time on Sunday. I couldn't climb, I couldn't clip-out, there were teenage turkerys everywhere. I left feeling more than a little defeated. Neither Julie nor Lana could go for coffee, so I begrudgingly went on to my next work-out, a 60 minute pool swim. I was distracted & my legs were shot, so I swam 30 minutes & got out.

I was tired & complain-y, so John took me to lunch at Thai Kitchen & then let me do my nails all afternoon while he ran our errands.


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