Weekend Wrap Up: Hot Pot Edition

I spent my Saturday morning like I usually do, taking my favorite yoga class at the Y & then doing some strength training.  Friend & fellow Pancake, Chatty, was hosting a post-Tom King, Mardi Gras brunch, so I filled up on red beans & rice & king cake with all my friends who ran the Tom King Half.

Even though I own three pairs of glasses from Warby Parker, I've yet to visit their showroom at Imogene + Willie.  That changed on Saturday when I went with my friend Lana to pick out a pair of glasses.  It's an impressive set-up & the I+W staff is great at helping you & suggesting frames.  Highly suggest a trip to 12th Ave S if you're interested in Warby Parker glasses.

Saturday night, we met friends for dinner at Lucky Bamboo.  John's really been dying to try that hot pot.  I don't like paying to cook my own food, so I ordered the cumin spare ribs again (still delicious).  But I was finished eating before the hot pot even got going, so it was weird....

Okay, so the hot pot kind of ruled.  This is the 4-person, ying yang hot pot with beef, pork, bok choy, mushrooms & all other kinds of vegetables.  It's a confusing process at first, but then it starts to make sense.  If you go, I suggest getting the hot pot with szechuan soup & beef.  The four of us agreed that the beef wins the prize.  It is so tender & delicious.

P.S.  The service is getting better.  It's worth going.  But get the hot pot.  And the cumin spare ribs.

Early Sunday morning, I met my lady gang to run the 10-mile, Bongo to Bongo route.  This route is cursed for me.  Every time I run it, something happens to me, usually knee-related.  Not this time!  Smell you later, curse!  I ran the 10 miles without incident & then Melanie & I drove to Maryland Farms & did a 30-minute pool swim.  Sunday, winning.

I didn't do anything else yesterday.  When you spend the first 4 hours of your Sunday working out, you get to do nothing for the remainder of the day.  Pro tip.

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