Weekend Wrap Up: Charlie Paulson Edition

I skipped the Pancake Run on Friday morning to do my first TriSuccess Masters swim with NAC.  So after work, I met Heidi & ran the Tomato 5K route.  While on the east side of the river, I visited the newly expanded Paulson family.  I've never been so happy to hug a friend & meet a baby.  Welcome to the world, Charlie Paulson!

On Saturday morning, I did yoga & some strength training.  Afterwards, I had to run to Bellevue for something & decided to pop into my favorite TJ Maxx, the secret Bellevue TJ Maxx!  If you run with me, then you know that none of my effing running capris fit me right now & the one pair that fit, I ripped last week.

Secret Belleve TJ Maxx, for the win!  For $50, I got a $78 Speedo bathing suit on clearance for $16 (!!!), a new pair of running capris (with a drawstring!) & a new pair of pants to wear to & fro the pool (I've been wearing running capris, which is, spoiler alert, how I ripped them) (#protip:  don't pull tight spandex pants on over wet thighs).

On Saturday night, John & I went to Sonobana.  I was craving udon.  I got the one with the egg in it for the first time.  I liked the egg, but there were weird, unrecognizable pieces of mystery meat floating in there & that freaked me out.  Back to tempura udon from here on out.  But hey, branching out!

The Oak Barrel half marathon I'm doing is quickly approaching.  On Sunday morning, I met my lady gang for a 9-mile run.  Oak Barrel is nutso hilly, so we're training appropriately.  We met at Percy Warner & ran the 5.8 trail & then finished on Belle Meade Blvd.  In the last mile of our run, the cold front blew in, literally.  All of a sudden an icy wind blew in from the right, while the warm, 64-degree air was still pushing in from the left.  And then about 5 minutes later, it started POURING.  I joked that I thought it was the rapture until I remembered that I'm in Belle Meade & the rapture probably won't happen there.

The weather was nuts & there was no way I was driving to Maryland Farms to swim, so I joined Melanie & Jaime at Dose.  This is their new spicy egg sandwich, which I got on their rosemary parmesan biscuit. Y'all, it kind of completed me.

Last night, I made buffalo chicken chili (recipe


) & watched the Oscars.  Correction:  I tried to watch the Oscars.  I ended up watching 3 hours of I don't even know what & then fell asleep before they gave out any of the awards I cared about.  Sigh...

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