Weekend Wrap Up: Superb Owl Edition

On Saturday morning, Heidi & I ran the 6-mile Musica out & back route.  I went from the run straight to the Downtown Y & got in a pool swim.  The post-run swim felt great.  And!  I weighed myself afterwards & I'm down another pound.  Only one more to go to get back to my smallest, pre-holiday weight.

On Saturday, Lana came over & we walked to Korea House for dinner.  I love Korea House so hard.  This is my new favorite thing to order, especially when it's cold, the kimchi chigae.  It's a spicy kimchi stew with pork & tofu.  Get it!

On Sunday morning, I braved the rain for early morning trips to Target & Publix.  I wanted to avoid the SuperBowl crowds.  I've been limiting my Target trips because I always leave with shit I shouldn't buy.  You know, like this basket.  But it was only $14.99!  When John saw it, he asked if it was a hot air balloon basket for Linda.

My friend Julie was having a SuperBowl chili cook-off that night, so I got my chili started.  I decided I wanted to make a buffalo chicken chili, so I searched the internet & landed on

this recipe

from my trusty stand-by,

Closet Cooking

(the food blog where I found my hot corn dip recipe).

Guess what?  My chili won!!!  That crockpot was licked clean.  It really was delicious.  For my prize, Julie gave me a ladle (that was originally going to be gold) & movie tickets.  Thanks, Hot Koh Koh!

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