Weekend Wrap Up: Cabin Fever Edition

I awoke on Saturday morning to a mini-blizzard, & not the good Dairy Queen flavor of the month kind either.  All my early morning work-outs got snowed out, so I cleared out my DVR & read these awesome French fashion magazines Katie brought me back from France.  Oui, oui!

Annoyingly, the snow was all gone by mid-morning.  I felt guilty for missing two work-outs, so I drove to the Y & swam for 45 minutes.  Le sigh...

One of my favorite friends is this pink-haired, bees-knees beauty, Freya, who also happens to be in

Music City Burlesque

.  I've been to two of her shows now & turns out, I really like burlesque!  The spring show is in April & I'm thinking about buying a VIP table & making you all go with me.  You've been warned.

No rest for the wicked.  Running on too many gin & tonics & about 4 hours of sleep, I met Heidi & Melanie for a 7 mile run.  We ran the 5.8 in PW & then an additional mile on BM Blvd.  I honestly have no idea how I did it.

After the run, I met friends for brunch at too-cool-for-school Pinewood Social.  I've been to Pinewood Social twice now & I'm falling out of love with it.  My only legitimate complaint is that the service still needs works.  My other complaint is how ridiculous the atmosphere is.  When will this hipster trend DIE & when will they learn that once they take a place over (ahem, Barista) 'tis no longer cool?

I know I play a small part in keeping this trend alive with my full bangs, Sally-Jessy-goes-to-Brooklyn glasses & my refusal to wear real pants.  But people, I live in a house behind a Pizza Hut.  Come on!

Oh, youth.

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