Birchbox Review: January

My January


may be one of my favorites.  It certainly sparked a lot of jealousy on Instagram.  Here's what I got!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

| Full-size, $21.50

I love this!  I have used the same

Kiehl's face wash

for 10-15 years & this is the first time I've thought about changing.  You apply this to your dry face, over your makeup & then you wipe everything off with the hot cloth.  It makes my face so soft!  Also, it's won 90 beauty awards & is allegedly the facial cleanser of Madonna & Gwyneth.  I'm probably going to buy it.

Klorane Shampoo with Desert Date

| Full-size, $13

This little bottle actually exploded in transit, but there was enough left for a couple of washes.  I really like it.  It's one of those non-lathering shampoos, which I have a hard time adjusting to, but it cleaned the shit out of my hair.  It may not be my everyday shampoo, but it would be good for a once-a-week, clarifying, pre deep conditioning mask, shampoo.

Coastel Scents Revealed Eye Shadow Palette

| Full-size, $34

I used to love eye shadow & the opportunity to look different every day, but somewhere in the last few years, that 'opportunity' became a stressor & I eliminated the decision making process & have been using

Bobbi Brown long-wear cream shadow

almost exclusively.  I was even a little annoyed when I saw this in my Birchbox & thought, 'Ugh, I don't wear eye shadow anymore!'.  But guess what?  I totally heart it & am probably going to buy it.  The colors are great, the quality is great & when I told my hair stylist about it this weekend, she said she loves Coastel Scents & wears/buys a lot of their stuff.  Sold!  Stay tuned for my one-woman show:  

Eye Shadow Stresses Me Out & Other Nonsensical, Makeup-Related Neuroses


SOAK Handmaid Hand Cream

- Yuzu | Full-size, $10

Well, this is awesome.  Sorry, I warned you that I loved everything in this months' box.  One of life's simplest pleasures is a good hand cream.  This hand cream is thick without being greasy & has a light, clean scent.  I'm really into it & plan on buying it.  They offer a scentless version, but I love the Yuzu scent (a combination of tart citrus & eucalyptus) that I received & will stick with that.


Under Armour Braided Mini Headbands

| 3-Pack, $19.99

I'm the only person I know who received this in their box & I'm glad I did.  I have long, full bangs that I need off my face when I'm working out.  I've been wearing this when I'm riding my bike trainer because I'm not convinced it will stay on while running, but I like it.

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