Weekend Wrap Up: Paulson Baby Shower Edition

I get arbitrarily obsessed with things all the time & can't rest until I find them.  Over the Christmas break, I became OBSESSED with red & black buffalo plaid shirts.  When the 

Madewell one

 I wanted sold out, I went to the eBay.  I found a vintage Woolrich one for $15 & thought I'd hit the jackpot.  Until it arrived.  Le sigh, it's a jacket, not a shirt.  But it does fit, so maybe?  John thinks it's awesome & is confused over my insistence that it's not a shirt.  I haven't worn it yet because I don't know how...  To be continued.

This is a weird graffiti wall beside Nashville Vapor on Charlotte, which, yes, means John took me to Nashville Vapor.  When we left, John asked me if it was what I expected & I said, "It's like the Kings of Leon of vapor stores."  He laughed & then agreed with me.

Linda's entire day revolves around which part of the living room gets direct sunlight.  Her favorite time of day is when she doesn't have to get out of bed to be in the sun.  This is what she was doing on Saturday after I got home from yoga & running some errands.

On Sunday, five of us hosted a baby shower for Alexis, who's due in mid-February.  We had the shower at One at Cannery Row, which was awesome because there had been a wedding there the night before & they left all their wedding flowers (and cake!).

These are the amazingly awesome cupcakes Katie made for the shower.  I had one million.  The shower was a success.  All of Alexis' friends came & she got a lot of great gifts.  Thanks, everyone!  Full Paulson Baby Shower photostream



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