Weekend Wrap Up: John's Birthday Edition

This was a pretty low-key weekend.  On Saturday, I did my super awesome Iyengar yoga class at the Downtown Y & then stayed & did my weight routine.  It was COLD on Saturday.  Too cold to go outside, so I sheltered in place & spent the day reading

The Goldfinch

, which A) I'm almost through with & B) I'm LOVING.

On Saturday night, we celebrated John's birthday.  We invited some friends to meet us for dinner at Slow & Low BBQ Bistro.  John, true to form, ordered a plate of pulled pork with a side of ribs.  I knew this was going to lead to digestive failure, & it did, but when your carnivore husband orders meat with a side of meat for his birthday dinner, you let him.

After dinner, we rendezvoused back at our house.  John's friend Mike presented him with what is probably the best gift John has ever received, a case of glass-bottle Mexican Coca-Cola.  The men folk spent the night smoking in the garage while the women folk gossiped away the night in the warmth of the living room.

Running on about 4 hours of sleep & not even close to enough water, I met my lady gang at Percy Warner to run the 5.8.  As much as I didn't want to do it, it actually turned out to be a great run.  Thanks, Kristine!  Afterwards, we grabbed breakfast at Bread & Co. in Belle Meade.

I'm real behind on the Oscar-nominated movies, so yesterday John & I went to see


.  I've heard mixed reviews, but I loved it.  And John REALLY loved it.  It's kind of like nothing else I've ever seen.  I can't stop thinking about it.  Next up:  

American Hustle


The Wolf of Wall Street


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