Half Ironman 70.3 Augusta -- 8 Months Away!

Today is 8 months from Ironman 70.3 Augusta.  Holy crap, y'all!  Coincidentally, I hired a coach today.  I start working with her in a few weeks.  Initially, I wasn't going to start this early because you typically train for 6 months for a 70.3, but I'm still a fairly new triathlete & need to build a solid base before I start training.

Let's talk about burn out, because I know what you're thinking.  But my brain probably works differently than yours.  For the past few weeks, I've been 'pre-training' - getting back in the pool, doing track work-outs, etc.  Me trying to get in shape to start training is burning me out.  What will help is having a coach telling me what I should & should not be doing at this point.  So that's what I'm doing.

My very smart friend, Hot Koh Koh, told me yesterday that I need to think about what I want out of this race - do I want to just finish, do I want to finish with a strong run, etc.  My immediate response is that I just want to finish.  But I thought that about

Fall Creek Falls

& I was disappointed afterwards because while I did finish, my time kind of sucked & I regretted not pushing myself on the run.

I don't know yet what I want out of Augusta, but I've got 8 months to figure it out.  I would like to lose a little more weight.  I lost 20 lbs last year & would love to lose 5-10 more before the race.  I'd like to get faster & a smaller body would probably help that.  I'd also like to get comfortable on the bike & not feel like I'm going to crash & scrape my face off every time I descend.  So yeah, smaller, faster, less scared of dying.  I think those are obtainable goals.  We'll see!

To be continued...

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