Weekend Wrap Up: Thanksgiving Edition

I'm starting this weekend wrap up with Thanksgiving last Thursday, so buckle up.  For the fourth year in a row, I started Thanksgiving day by running the Boulevard Bolt, a 5-mile out & back race on Belle Meade Boulevard.  Jaime bought us turkey hats to wear this year, which

got me on the news

.  Watch for me at 00:38 & again at 01:08.

After the race, Jaime & I grabbed coffee, then parted ways to get started on our respective Thanksgivings.  About a month or so ago, my parents decided to travel the week of Thanksgiving, so John & I decided to find other Thanksgiving-homeless people & invite them over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner.

We hosted friends & neighbors, Mike, Amanda, Melanie & Troy.  We made the bulk of the food.  John made a turkey, which was delicious, & I made most of the sides & desserts.  We ate & drank all day.  And when we got tired of that, we played Cards Against Humanity.  It was an awesome day.  Full Thanksgiving photostream



I'm not complaining, because I LOVED hosting Thanksgiving, but it's a 3-day job, at least.  I spent Tuesday making 


 spreadsheets, grocery shopping, & prepping food.  I spent Wednesday making the food.  And I spent Thursday eating the food.  I gave myself Friday off.  And I mean off.  I didn't even get dressed.  I laid on the coach in pajama pants all day & it was glorious.

I woke up Saturday ready to re-join the world.  So I put up our Christmas tree.  This year, I only put on the white & silver ornaments, & the ones we pick up when we travel, but I left off everything else.  I think I like it...?  The jury's still out.

After putting up the tree, I headed out to meet Lauren & Tiffany for brunch.  Tiffany & Chris were flying back to NYC, so we met for a quick bite before they went to the airport.  Lauren's daughter Ella is 2 years old & Lauren's expecting her second in 3 weeks.  Tiffany's daughter Lily is 5 months old & is so much bigger than the last time I saw her.  She's sitting up now!  Oh, & my pumpkin pie baby is 3 days old & will get burned off in the gym this week.

Yesterday, my lady gang met at Bongo Java & ran an awesome 6-mile route around Music Row, Centennial Park & Vanderbilt.  I've had a lingering cold going on 2 weeks now & am still not at full lung capacity, but I ran the whole 6 miles.  It felt pretty good - no knee pain or anything.  And I ran it at about a 10-minute mile pace.  Not bad.

After the run, we went inside for coffee & breakfast.  And Lightsabor Obama.  DUH.  I spent the rest of the day watching


.  I started watching it on Netflix when I got sick 2 weeks ago & finished it last night.  And, of course, now I have to wait 2 weeks for the "winter finale" - whatever that is.  Y'all, I am obsessed with this show.  I don't know how I'm going to make it 2 weeks until the next episode.  If you see me around town, give me a little pat, because I'm going to be really struggling.

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