Weekend Wrap Up: I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly Edition

On Friday, Rollum & John spent all day building something (a box?), so since they were still going that night, we all gathered for a dinner break.  We met Katie, Alexis & Dave at Woodlands for a nice, post-Christmas Indian feast.  I've been told there's a public outcry over the lack of pregnancy selfies Alexis isn't taking, so here you go, Alexis' public.

Technically, this picture is from Thursday (gasp!), but I didn't take any pictures on Saturday, so here you go.  Also, I want public documentation of my yearly hang-out, love-fest with Natalie.  God, what did I even do on Saturday?  Oh yeah, I took *yoga & got my hair did.  We stayed in on Saturday night because we've eaten at every single restaurant in Nashville already.

*I took the Iyengar yoga class at the Downtown Y.  Man, I kind of loved this class.  It was my first


experience & I really liked the focus on posture & alignment.  It may be my new favorite yoga.

On Sunday, my lady running crew met at Fido & ran 8 miles.  Well, almost 8 miles, Titans road closures cost us a block.  We ran it pretty slow, but it was a good, hard run.  It was mostly uphill, but my knee held out & has been fine ever since.  We'll see.  The 10-mile mark is historically when shit gets real.

After our run, Lana & I went inside to Fido & caught up on our respective Christmas vacations over lattes & breakfast bagels.

I've been obsessing about the 3 lbs I've gained since Thanksgiving & it was kind of ruining my Christmas spirit, so I'm taking a break from the scale.  Just for one week.  I'll weigh myself again on Thursday.  I've been eating as well as anyone eats during the week of Christmas - New Years & I've still been working out, but there's no need to torture myself over my weight right now.  I'll check back in on Thursday & proceed from there.  Turns out, I am not ready for this jelly.

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Peace Out, 2013!

Weekend Wrap Up: Bowl Full of Jelly Edition