Weekend Wrap Up: Bowl Full of Jelly Edition

My weekend started with a Christmas Pancake Run.  Like last year, Mary Katherine & Marshall hosted us for breakfast after our 3 mile run through their 'hood.  Two words:  monkey bread.  Believe it.

Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year.  Between Thanksgiving being yesterday, contracting SARS & going to LA, I hadn't done any Christmas shopping yet.  No fear, I'm a seasoned professional.  On Friday afternoon, I scouted out what I wanted to buy & then on Saturday my mom came up & we hit the mean streets of Green Hills.  We started at 9am & were done by 3pm.  #womenbeshopping

I've been a little bummed about my bowl full of jelly lately.  I've gained a whopping 3 lbs since Thanksgiving, mostly because I couldn't work-out while I was sick.  I know 3 lbs is nothing, but I've been worried 3 would become 5 & 5 would become 10, etc.  And then on Sunday, I logged into MyFitnessPal & saw that I'm at 300 days, which is NUTS.  As Mari-Etta says, & I have to keep reminding myself, maintenance is progress.

On Sunday, my lady gang met & ran 7 miles.  I was a little worried as I haven't run a long distance run since The Nasty 2 weeks ago, but it was fine.  No knee pain or anything.  Afterwards, we went into Fido & warmed up with lattes & 3,000 calorie breakfasts.

Back at home, I spent Sunday Christmasing it up.  I watched basically all of the Christmas movies:  

Home Alone


Love Actually

(oh yes I did) &

Christmas Vacation

.  I wrapped Christmas presents while John made us a jalapeno popper pizza.  Linda did nothing.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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