Weekend Wrap Up: Sick Edition

This weekend, like this blog post, is kind of a wash.  I'm sick, still, & my weekend attempt to re-enter the world of the living failed.  Bleh.

I woke up on Saturday & thought I felt better, so I decided to tackle Thanksgiving menu planning.  It's a work in progress.  I hadn't worked out all week, so I decided I felt well enough to go to Spin.  I did the class, then stayed & did my weight routine.  Spoiler alert:  I didn't die.

Then I drove to Brentwood for my friend's baby shower.  This is where things took a turn.  A couple of mimosas & 2 hours of nonstop talking put me over the edge.  I felt terrible by the time I got back home.  Aside from grabbing Indian with John for dinner, I did nothing but complain about how terrible I felt.

I woke up on Sunday & still felt not-great, but I was scheduled to run 6 miles with my lady gang, so with zero thought about maybe this isn't a great idea, I attempted to run 6 miles.  I made it to 4, which is honestly shocking.  My knee gave out (who knows?!), so I walked to rest of the way.  (My knee still hurts - ?!?!)

Yesterday was my family's Thanksgiving.  I felt super terrible, but I powered through.  Last night is a NyQuil-filled haze.

In summation:  I'm still sick (did I mention I'm sick?), my knee is swollen & sore & freaking me out & I spent today at the hospital with my mom while my dad had shoulder surgery.  Oh, & then I had to drive home from Smyrna in snow-pocalypse.

I probably shouldn't publish this blog post...

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