Book Review: Oops! How to Rock The Mother of All Surprises

I love it when

my friends

write books!  The latest is this super funny (I need better synonyms for hilarious) book about how to "rock" an unplanned pregnancy.  Although the topic of this book doesn't exactly align with my life choices, I wanted to read it because A) I wanted to support my friend & B) I knew it would be hilarious.  Here is the review I left on



I read this book because I enjoy Tracy's regular column on Jezebel, "Motherload". Though I've never been pregnant, most of my friends have, so I have a pretty good base of understanding for what it's like. Or so I thought. Apparently I know nothing about pregnancy & all of my friends & family have been holding out on me. This book is hilarious. At 33, Tracy found herself married & unexpectedly pregnant. She takes us on her journey through pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum & the early stages of motherhood. She describes, in great detail, all of these stages, which is equal parts informative, terrifying & side-splitting. She does something I really appreciate, she highlights her marriage & offers lots on insight on how to be a good spouse, which is helpful regardless of whether or not you're pregnant. She also offers a lot of real talk pertaining to a woman's body post-baby. As I continue to watch friend after friend freak the eff out over what their body is like after pregnancy, I very much appreciate Tracy encouraging women to accept their new, post-baby bodies. It's a message, I feel, can't be expressed enough. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this uproarious book & have, & will continue to, recommend it to all of my friends. Five stars!

I'm obviously completely biased, but I really did love this book & I want everyone I know to read it.  I'm happy to circulate my paperback copy, but it's only $10 - $13 (Kindle & paperback, respectively) on


.  And if you don't read

Tracy's column on Jezebel

, you really should, ESPECIALLY if you have kids.  This is my current fav:  

People Who Love Halloween Are the Best Kind of People


Tracy, I'm so excited for you!  Not to mention, proud & impressed.  Well done, sister!  Keep 'em coming!  (The books, not the unplanned pregnancies.)

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