Weekend Wrap Up: Halloween Party Edition

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  For the five years that John & I have lived in this house, we've hosted a Halloween party.  I took Friday off to clean & prep.  That included going to Performance Studios for last minute costume accessories & going to Publix for party food.  I was going to cook all the food on Friday, but that didn't happen.  Because I got a flat tire & my radiator exploded.  Thanks for nothing, car.

So I got up early on Saturday & made all the food before we had to leave for Sarah & Adam's wedding at noon.  It was a marathon cooking & baking session.  I made:

Crockpot meat cheese dip

Hot corn dip

Jalapeno popper cheese ball

Pumpkin pie dip

Peanut butter pretzel chocolate chip cookie bites

John & I got our costumes ready, poured ourselves drinks & started welcoming the first of our guests.  Every year, I'm worried no one is going to come, but this year I was particularly worried because so many people


come.  Yeah, I totally shouldn't have worried.  We had a house full of people.  It was awesome.  Thanks to everyone who came & HUGE thanks to everyone who brought food & drink.  Alexis, Katie, April, Mike & Amanda -- thank you!!

I loved everyone's costumes this year.  Good job, friends!  I was celebrity baby North "Nori" West - Kim & Kanye's baby.  And John was Teenage John.  John's costume was funnier in person because he had on jean shorts & socks & boots.  When he put it on, he turned to me & very seriously said, "Kim, I'm pretty sure I wore this exact same outfit on my first date, except maybe with black jeans."

P.S. I used this

Pixiwoo makeup tutorial

for my Kim Kardashian makeup.  I forgot, I threw my bronzer away recently because it was 100 years old, so I had to use brown eye shadow as bronzer.  You know, just like Kim Kardashian probably does.  Also, I darkened my eyebrows A LOT.

Full Halloween Party photostream



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