Break On Through To The Other Side: Getting Past My Plateau

*Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional, nor am I in a position to give medical advice.  This post is based solely on my experiences.  Please consult with a doctor before embarking on a training or meal plan.

I knew at some point in my journey to Fabulous By Forty, I'd plateau with my weight loss.  And I did.  When I last checked in with the 

Introducing The World's Skinniest Athena

post, I was at a 20 lb weight loss.  I've been holding steady at that weight for about 2-3 months.  And it was getting annoying.  I was happy I wasn't gaining, but it was frustrating to stop losing.

My friend Kathy noticed on MyFitnessPal that I hadn't lost in awhile & she asked me if I've plateaued, & if I've talked to Mari-Etta about it.  Oh, no.  I should probably do that.  So last week I emailed Mari-Etta & a mere three days later, I lost my first pound since August.

I was terrified Mari-Etta was going to lower my daily calorie goal to something insane, like 1100 calories (I was at 1420), but she surprised me by raising it to 1500.  She said that cutting my calories more is not the way to go right now, especially heading into the holidays.  Instead, she said, I need to be more consistent with my exercise routine.  Done!

We talked about my training for Augusta 70.3 next year & my propensity for knee injuries & we both decided it was time to switch up my work-outs.  Translation:  I quit Hell Class.  Mari-Etta said an injury would really derail me & if the class is bothering my knee, I'm wise to stop.  She also pointed out that I need weight lifting during the off season to prepare for the next triathlon season & my 70.3.  I am really sad about not being in class anymore though.

So here's what my work-out schedule was:

S:  long run / 5-6 miles now, will increase

M:  rest

T:  60 minute Circuit Blast class (similar to Crossfit, but with more cardio)

W:  East Nasty run / 3-6 miles

T:  60 minute Circuit Blast class (similar to Crossfit, but with more cardio)

F:  3 mile run

S:  nothing, unless shopping counts

And here's what it is now:

S:  rest

M:  60 min Spin class

T:  30 min cardio, 30 min weights

W:  East Nasty run

T:  30 min cardio, 30 min weights

F:  Pancake run

S:  long run

I'm only in my second week of this.  I may try to add one more Spin class a week, as well as swimming & yoga.  But I'm enjoying the change.  It's kind of fun to meander around the gym, deciding what weights to use & which exercises to do.  Sometimes I do plank, sometimes I do push-ups.  Thankfully, with a year & a half of Hell Class under my belt, I've got a plethora of exercises to fall back on.  And my knee doesn't hurt anymore.  I honestly didn't realize that my knee hurt every day until it quit hurting every day.

As Mari-Etta likes to remind me, consistency is key.  Luckily, I'm pretty good at being consistent.  I do love a routine.  But we are coming up on the holiday season & my tendency to stress-eat & binge-snack is in full force this time of year, so I really need to check myself before I wreck myself.  Going forward, you all have my permission to knock that whatever-I'm-not-supposed-to-eat out of my hand.

Closing disclaimer:  this should go without saying, but...  all of this information is individualized for me.  It is not a one-size-fits-all plan.  My calorie goal & my exercise routine are based on my weight, height, age & metabolism.  So unless you're my exact same weight, height, age & your body burns calories the same way mine does (& bless you if you are), this probably won't work for you.  However, Mari-Etta Parrish is a board certified registered dietitian & exercise physiologist who would assuredly love to have your business.  So

shoot her an email

.  And not for nothing, but if she's good enough for both the Titans AND the Predators, she's probably good enough for you.

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