Weekend Wrap Up: Popovers Edition

My obsession with the beginning of fall continues.  This weekend I started baking.  With pumpkin.  I was going to a book swap on Sunday & needed to bring some kind of dessert.  I looked back through my recent Pins & found

this recipe

for Pumpkin Cheesecake Pillow Popovers.  Done!

This was my first foray into the world of popovers.  They've always seemed above my pay grade & I thought you had to have some kind of special $60 Williams-Sonoma popover pan/tin/mold.  All wrong.  These were totally easy!  And you make them in a mini muffin pan, which I already owned - score!  It also gave me a chance to finally use the Hey Boo Caramel sauce from

Hey Rooster General Store

that Heidi gave me for my birthday.

These were surprisingly easy to make.  The hardest parts were cutting the crescent rolls, but that's user error because - math, & I had a little trouble taking the 4 corners of the popover & connecting them, but it worked.  I got better as I went along.  The end result is DELICIOUS.  I highly recommend this recipe.

On Sunday morning, I got up early & caught the sunrise.  Despite the fact that there is an apartment complex across the street from our house, when you're inside sitting on the couch, all you can see is the landscape beyond the apartments.

I made my way to Belle Meade & ran 5.5 miles with Jaime & Jessica.  We ran 5 miles last week & I was totally fine, but yesterday my knee gave out.  I think I need to scale it back a bit & build up to 5-6 miles.  Clearly, my knee isn't ready.  Also?  Clams.

After the run, I grabbed my popovers & headed to East Nashville for Book Swap.  I'm in a book club where instead of all reading & discussing the same book, we meet up, discuss books that we've recently read & enjoyed & then we swap!  It's a pretty awesome system, made awesome-er by wine & cookies.  Thanks for hosting, Marne!

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