Weekend Wrap Up: The National Edition

Over the weekend,

five of my fellow East Nasties

competed in Ironman Wisconsin.  Since few of us could be there to support them, we all made signs & posted a picture of us holding our sign on their Facebook walls.  I have zero artistic ability, so I used the sign Mary Katherine made for me when I ran my first half.  It seemed appropriate.

On Saturday, Lana & I competed in our fourth triathlon of the summer.  We just did sprint distance this time, not Olympic.  It was so much fun!  (Race recap coming later.)

My friends Mike & Chrissi are expecting their first baby soon & their shower was on Saturday.  I had to go straight from my triathlon, so I felt, & probably smelled, pretty ridiculous, but there was no way around it.  Here I am with Claudia & Lauren.  As you can see, Lauren is pregnant again.  She's expecting a baby boy in December (!!).

The last time The National played the Ryman, John went with me.  When the band announced a return trip, John begged me to take someone else.  He even offered to buy my ticket if he didn't have to go.  So I took Lana.  And we had a blast!  I was in the balcony this time, so my pictures are crap, but the concert was soooo good!  I heart this band so hard.

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