Weekend Wrap Up: #marykatherineandmarshall Wedding Edition

Left to right:  Jaime, Lana, Katie, Sarah, MK, Anj, me

This weekend was the wedding of my long-time friend & fellow Team Taurus member, Mary Katherine.  On Friday, we surprised her with a special bachelorette pancake run.  Sarah made a veil that Mary Katherine ran in & then Anjeanetta (Maid of Honor) made a special guest appearance for breakfast.

Left to right:  Anjeanetta, MK, Lindsey, me

On Saturday, Mary Katherine treated us to a bridesmaid brunch at her house.  She made us these ah-mazing vanilla bellinis rimmed with homemade vanilla bean sugar.  Omg.

Later that afternoon, John & I picked up Anjeanetta & headed to Murfreesboro for a wedding rehearsal at the church, followed by dinner at Mary Katherine's mom's house.

Side note:  Mary Katherine bought the infamous caramel cake from

Dessert Designs

for the rehearsal dinner.  Y'all, that cake touched my soul.  It's the best cake I've ever had.  Hell, it's the best dessert period that I've ever had.  I ate two pieces & then stood in her mom's kitchen eating it with my fingers.  I guess some fell down my shirt (of course it did) because later when I got into bed, my stomach itched & I looked down & had cake in my belly button.  True story.  John said he felt like he was married to Liz Lemon.

Sunday - wedding day!  The wedding was at 5pm, so we got to Mary Katherine's mom's house around 1pm to get ready.  




were on hand to do Mary Katherine's hair & make-up & then to do ours, or to touch up ours as needed.  I was over-caffeinated & restless, so I did my own hair & make-up & then tried to make myself useful by making piles of things going to the church & giving people tasks.  But I mostly looked for leftover cake.

Mary Katherine got married in her family church down the street from her mom's house.  It's a gorgeous little country church, but it only seats like 5 people, so only immediate family & the families of the wedding party were at the ceremony.

P.S. You may have noticed my friend Delaney standing behind me & John.  Delaney was Mary Katherine's day-of wedding coordinator.  If you're planning a wedding, I can't stress enough how much you need to talk to Delaney about how she can help you with your wedding.  I have a lot of friends who've used a lot of wedding coordinators & none of them are as good as Delaney.  Example:  As we're taking pictures, we realize that we are short one boutonniere & the florist had already left.  In like 90 seconds, Delaney took pieces from our bouquets, ran in the house, found a pin & made a boutonniere.  We called her the MacGyver of boutonnieres.  You can email Delaney



Left to right:  me, Jaime, Lana

After taking some post-ceremony pictures, we headed down the road to the reception were the party was already in full swing.  The reception was held in Lascassas at The Farmhouse at Riverstone Lane.  It was a huge open barn surrounded by nothing but gorgeous countryside.  It was perfect.

Mary Katherine & Marshall's first dance to "Moon River".

Left to right:  Chatty, Anjeanetta, me, Melissa, Laret, Jaime, Lana, Heidi, Mary Katherine, Sarah, Julie, Kathy

Pancake ladies, represent!  Forget running, this group of ladies can dance!  I danced so much, that two days later, my calves are still sore.  I'm terrified of what the videographer captured.  My sorority roots came out when DJ Randy (!!) played Quad City DJ's.  I rode that train all over the barn, toot-tooting the whole way.  Oh well, at least I probably sweat out all of that cake.  I was soaked!  I thought I was going to have to cut myself out of my Spanx when I got home.  Oy...

Mary Katherine, I love you & I'm so happy for you!  Team Taurus 4-eva!

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