Weekend Wrap Up: 5:00, 1:00 Edition

After a long hiatus, due to triathlon training, my nieces spent the night at my house on Friday.  Abigail, the oldest, thus far has been the only one brave enough to leave the nest.  Well, that changed this weekend.  Jessica, who's 4, decided to tag along.  I was worried I'd be in over my head with both of them, but it was actually better.  They entertained themselves & I cleared out my Feedly.  It was a win-win!  But lord help me when the twins get older & all four of them want to spend the night.  Linda can barely handle two.  I'll have to board her with four.

Abigail & Jessica spent Friday night painting their nails.  Literally.  Little girls can & will spend 3 consecutive hours painting their nails.  They took a couple Post-It breaks.  Abigail put a Post-It on Linda that read, "dog!!!".  She had another one that read, "5:00.  1:00."  John asked her what it meant & she said, "5:00 is when I wake up & 1:00 is when I make friends."

True to Post-It, they were up at 5:00am.  I took them to the Downtown Library & we watched the puppet show, then they wanted pizza & "CeCe's!", so we went to Mellow Mushroom & Sweet CeCe's.  I mistakenly let Abigail fill her own cup while I helped with Jessica's.  Her cup was $9.  Y'all, I could unhinge my jaw, fill my head with frozen yogurt & it would still be less than $9.  Lesson learned.

So I guess I'm going back to running now?  On Sunday, we got the gang back together & ran Belle Meade Boulevard.  It's been so long since I've just run to run, I honestly didn't know if I could run 5.5 miles.  But yeah, I was totally fine.

Afterwards, we went to Dose for coffee.  Dose has food now!  Good food!  This is their rosemary parmesan biscuit with an egg, fresh mozzarella, ham & remoulade sauce.  This biscuit BLEW MY MIND.  Get thee to



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