Weekend Wrap Up: Party Hardy Edition

This weekend was my good friend Katie's birthday & we celebrated at her new house on Friday night.  Alexis made this amazing lemon curd buttercream cake.  I took a picture of Katie blowing out her candles as we sang to her, but I have a feeling she'd kill me if I posted it, so you're welcome to head over to


to see the full photostream.

Exercise, exercise, blah, blah, blah.  A mere five hours after I went to sleep, I was up & at 'em to coach my P2T group & then open water swim with Lana.

I slept until the minute I had to leave my house on Saturday morning, so I desperately needed coffee.  Hellooooo, Barista Parlor.  I treated myself (treat yo self!) to a large latte, & because it was already 11:30am, I made the moto biscuit my lunch.  Then I went home & slept for 2 hours.

On Saturday night, we celebrated my friend Mary Katherine's upcoming wedding to her long-time heart-mate, Marshall.  The wedding is coming up in a few short weeks & Anjeanetta & I are her bridesmaids.  Here we are with the lovely bride-to-be!

The party was hosted by Mary Katherine's aunt & uncle at their gorgeous house in Christiana.  John spent the whole night trying to convince me to move to Christiana.  No.  Here I am with friends & fellow Pancakes, Jenn & Cara.

I posted this pic on Instagram yesterday with the caption, "Sunday...  funday?"  I hope you all enjoyed your bushwhackers while I partied hard with alternating water bottles of Nuun & Hammer Heed.  C'est la vie.  To each her own...

I spent yesterday afternoon in a coma on the couch while John very kindly ran all of our errands for the week.  He even made dinner!  Hello, jalapeno popper pizza!

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