Fall Creek Falls Tri Training: Week 5 (Final Week)

This week was my final week of training.  This was also my first official attempt at tapering. I focused on the things I needed to focus on:  swimming, riding & running.  I skipped Hell Class on both Tuesday & Thursday in an over abundance of caution & rested completely on Friday & Saturday.  Here is how my week went.


60 minute short ride, including clipping in/out practice for race day transition

EN run:  Rick's Market, 3.86 miles

30 minute lap swim



race day!

It feels weird to have worked out so little this week, & oddly, I lost weight.  I'm now down 14 pounds.  It feels good.  And I bet it feels really good on race day.  Speaking of race day, my race starts at 7:30am tomorrow.  There is no cell service in the park, so don't expect a social media blitz until way after the race.  I think I'm ready.  I hope.  All I have to do now is pack & hope it doesn't rain.  It's a 30% chance of rain right now.  Come on, weather!

Pre-race Neuroses:
What will I forget to pack?
Will I be able to get coffee in the morning?
What will I eat for breakfast?
How am I going to get my poops out?
OMG, the water is going to be so cold!
Will I get disqualified for forgetting how to clip out at the bike dismount?
Will I wreck trying to clip out & get run over?
Am I going to cramp?
Are these salt pills really going to work?  And when do I take them?
OMG, it's going to take me 100 hours to run that 10K.
This race is going to take me so long!

1 day to race day!

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