Fall Creek Falls Tri Training: Week 4

This week was my last real training week, as I'll spend next week attempting to taper...?  See previous post.  Story of the summer, the weather ruined two of my work-outs this week:  the short ride & the pool swim.  Here's what I was able to do in the week-long thunder storm we had in Tennessee this week:

P2T coaching:  run the Tomato 5K course

Hell Class

EN run:  Tomato 5K course, 3.1 miles
P2T coaching:  run the Tomato 5K course

Hell Class

Pancake run:  3 miles

Tomato 5K
OWS:  1600 meters

Long ride:  30 miles

I'm real sick of working out.  Luckily, I'm basically done.  The 8-week long P2T coaching session is over, & after today, I officially enter the taper zone, similar to the danger zone, but with less danger  No matter.  My race is one week from today.  I either have it at this point, or I don't.

P.S. If I see you this week & you ask me if I'm ready, I will punch you in the face.

7 days to race day!

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